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Jonathon Casada Custom Home

Luxury Custom Houston Homes

A new year is upon us, and if you are looking to create your perfect indoor oasis, contact Casada Custom Homes, the premier source for luxury custom Houston homes. For over 40 years, Jonathon Casada, the master builder, has tended to the design and creation of hundreds of stunning homes in Houston. His commitment to the process, and the rave reviews his work has received, makes Casada Custom Homes the one to look to. Information and Planning Jonathon Casada proudly provides a...

Selecting a Houston Custom Home Builder

So you are ready to begin the process of designing and building your very own dream home – selecting a Houston custom home builder is the very first step in this exciting adventure! Jonathon Casada, of Casada Custom Homes, is a Graduate Master Builder with over 40 years of experience designing and building amazing custom homes right here in Houston. Call Casada Custom Homes first when deciding how to begin the process of creating your custom home in Spring Valley,...

Making Your Houston Custom Home Builder Love You

No doubts about it, building a Houston custom home can be an exhaustive (and exhausting!) process. While the idea of your finished home is enough to get you through the months, making your custom home builder love you is one of the best ways to ensure a smooth transition all the way from designing to moving in! Jonathon Casada, master builder of Casada Custom Homes, has been designing and building beautiful custom homes in Houston for decades, and has a...

Building Your Houston Custom Home Team

If you are preparing to start the process of building a Houston custom home, you likely have a long list of questions and key points to consider. One of the very first things you should do, however, is to make sure that you are surrounded by the very best team of people, to help make your dream home a reality. Jonathon Casada of Casada Custom Homes provides three key points to consider when building your Houston custom home team. Picking a...

Best Houston Custom Home

Jonathon Casada Custom Homes can help you build the best custom home in Houston! We’ve mastered the custom home building process and we are passionate to help you build your dream. Along with our dedication to detail in delivering the best product possible, there are a few key points to keep in mind when building a custom home. 4 Key Points When Building a Houston Custom Home There are 4 key points that most people don’t think about when building a home...

How do I build a Houston custom home?

The first step in building a custom home in Houston is to contact Jonathon Casada Custom Homes! With over 40 years in the business, Casada Custom Homes understands that this is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life. Casada has a step by step process that keeps the client, architect, and designer on the same page, working fluidly and confidently every step of the way. You can be rest assured that our goal and passion is...

5 Reasons To Hire A Custom Builder For Your New Home

Green Building Techniques – As concerns about the environment’s sustainability continue to grow, custom home builders have embraced green building techniques. Green building techniques are energy efficient including solar panels, water conservation appliances, and the use of renewable building materials. Multi-generational Families/Work from Home – Multiple generations living under one roof is becoming more common. Multi-generational families can benefit from having a custom home builder because of the ability to specially design rooms like the mother-in-law suite. Likewise, working...

Jonathan Casada Custom Homes and Renovations Exterior Building Material Options in Houston

Jonathan Casada Custom Homes and Renovations offers many exterior building materials options for your custom build home in Houston. Choosing an exterior material is one of the most important steps in the process of designing your custom built home because the exterior will be the first and last thing you see when you arrive and leave your home every day. Please see our Building Timeline for recommendations regarding when your exterior material should be selected; this link also contains important...

Casada Custom Homes in Houston is Named ‘Best of Houzz’

Casada Custom Homes in Houston is Named ‘Best of Houzz’ The home design website Houzz is a hugely utilized resource for home builders and renovators, and Casada Custom Homes, a Houston design and build custom home company, as earned the distinction of being named “Best of Houzz 2015.” Voted by community members, this award honors the top-rated home design professionals in the industry. Top Home Builder in Houston Independent research of over 25 million Houzz users led the site to name Casada Custom...

Houston Custom Home Design: What You Need to Know

If you are in the process of creating your ideal living space, including renovating or building a unique Houston custom home, you are probably overwhelmed with design ideas. From the outdoor décor to the perfect dining room furniture, it is not only difficult to choose a starting point, but even more challenging to collect your thoughts and plans into one unified design plan. Houston custom home builder and designer Jonathon Casada has been forming luxurious homes for over forty years,...