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The Homebuilders New Best Friend: Using Houzz to Your Advantage

If you are building, decorating, or updating a home, you probably feel a bit overwhelmed. Between searching for a trusted landscaper, picking a material for your new countertops, and trying to decide whether or not to tear down that spare bedroom wall, you may even be totally over the whole process. The most annoying part is often not even the process itself, but in the bouncing between websites comparing reviews, ratings, and design options. Never fear, there is a new...

Building Your Houston Dream Home: Deciding on Ideal Budget Balance

You are finally in the position to build an amazing custom home: congratulations! The first thing that most people will try to decide on after making the move to build a custom home is how much to spend. Many different factors come into play, but the most important thing to remember is that with the right builder, and with a realistic budget, you will end up with the home of your dreams. Establish a (Flexible) Budget Once your budget is established, try...

How Do You Avoid a Builder Scam?

We hear of new scams all the time. You can hardly pick up a newspaper these days without reader about some unscrupulous people devising a new scam to take advantage of unsuspecting people. While this may be true, it doesn't mean you have to become a victim. Knowing what signs to watch for can help keep you out of trouble. Pay attention to these warning signs. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: When a builder gives you a price that sounds too good to...

The Savvy Homeowner’s Glossary

45 Indispensable Words Every Homeowner Should Know and Understand 1. Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM): A mortgage interest rate that changes based on an index over time. 2. Agreement of Sale: A sale contract. 3. Amortization Schedule: A schedule showing how the monthly mortgage payment is applied to the principal, interest, and the current mortgage balance. 4. Appraisal: An evaluation of homes within the surrounding area to determine the market value of the property. 5. Appreciation: An increase in the value of property. 6. Borrower: The...

Is Going “Green” the Way to Go?

The environment. With increased attention on the condition of our planet, “green building” has become a sought after choice for homeowners. But what does green building mean? In its simplest terms, green building is making your home more environmentally friendly. It means increasing your home’s efficiency so it makes better use of things like water, energy, temperature control, and construction materials. It’s about using resources effectively so you reduce the impact of your home on the environment. While building an environmentally friendly...

How Long Does It Take to Build a New Custom Home?

The amount of time it takes to build a new, custom home depends on the size, complexity, and geographic location (what part of the country you are building in). The time it takes just to complete the architectural plans depends on how timely you make decisions and your availability to meet with your designer and builder for design meetings. On average, developing a new set of plans that is ready for permitting can take between three and six months. Add one more month for permitting. For a home...

The Top Eleven Mistakes Made by Homeowners

1. Purchasing a lot that is “affordable.” Solution: Remember: location, location, location. Purchase the most expensive, valuable lot you can manage, even if it means waiting on some finishes or amenities in your home. (See chapter 6 for more on this topic.) 2. Trying to build a custom home without a professional builder. Building a custom home is more complex than most people realize. It takes skilled professionals years to learn the business and even then changes in the industry, materials, and codes make it difficult to keep up. Solution:...

Top Questions To Ask a Potential Builder

1. Why should I hire you? 2. What is your fee structure? 3. How do your fees compare to other builders’ fees? 4. What are your weaknesses? 5. What makes you different from other builders in this market? 6. What type of warranty do you provide and what is your philosophy on warranty? 7. What was your worst building experience with a homeowner and what did you learned from it. 8. How long have you been building? 9. What is your education? 10. How many custom homes have you built? 11. How...

How Much Do You Charge Per Square Foot?

Building a custom home is a bit like buying a new car, right? Not exactly. If you asked a car dealer how much he charges per pound, you’d get some very strange looks. Of course, there is some correlation between the cost of the car and its weight, but not significant enough to prompt that question. We all know car dealers don’t sell by the pound. In the same way, I feel perplexed when someone asks me how much I charge per square foot to build a...