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Pick Three Out of Four – Quality, Speed, Service, Price

Jim and Susan had six—count ‘em, six—separate flooring companies at their home in a three week period providing estimates to sand and refinish their hardwood floors. About a month later, an unusual sound came from Jim and Susan’s house, loud enough that everyone in the neighborhood heard it. There was an explosion of screaming and yelling that continued for several minutes. A hardwood flooring van was parked out front; can you guess what happened? The couple expected a beautiful, high-quality floor, but what they got was what...

Forcing a Round Peg Into a Square Hole – Finding a Competent Builder

Jim and Linda were the kind of people who refuse to give up. Sometimes persistence is a good thing, but there are times when pushing too hard is unwise. This couple, for instance, were unwilling to listen to sound, professional advice. They forced their opinions and ideas on a builder— and it was like forcing a round peg into a square hole. It just didn’t work. Even when they realized they had received inaccurate advice from their architect designer about their homebuilding costs, they wouldn’t give...

Why Picking the Right Builder Is Half the Battle

How important is it to choose a good builder? It’s #1 on the list! You will have a lot of decisions to make as you build your custom home—selecting colors and finishes, determining size and layout, and more. But no decision will impact your homebuilding experience more than the all-important decision you’ll make right at the start. You need to choose a great builder! The fact is you can’t do a good deal with a bad person. No matter how hard you work, you can’t make a...

Excellence or Perfection?

A prospective homeowner once asked me, “Will my new home be perfect?” I told him there are two kinds of perfectionists: one who asks for perfection, but realizes life is not perfect and is very pleased with 95 to 98 percent. The other type expects perfection and is never happy, no matter how well a job is done. If you are the latter, please don’t build a custom home. Life is too short and too wonderful to take two years—or more—out of your life only to be...

Which Comes First: The Builder or the Designer?

Just like the proverbial “chicken and egg” question, “Which comes first?” is a question that confuses some people, but must be answered before you start the custom, homebuilding process. While the answer may seem obvious, it’s important to know the right answer in order to avoid problems from the beginning. The architect designer comes before the builder, right? Wrong! Read on… Sometimes people get the cart before the horse, and in all the excitement, they get ahead of themselves. Mike and Janine thought they had done it all...