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Jonathan Casada Custom Homes and Renovations Exterior Building Material Options in Houston

Jonathan Casada Custom Homes and Renovations offers many exterior building materials options for your custom build home in Houston. Choosing an exterior material is one of the most important steps in the process of designing your custom built home because the exterior will be the first and last thing you see when you arrive and leave your home every day. Please see our Building Timeline for recommendations regarding when your exterior material should be selected; this link also contains important information about other selections you will need to make.

Jonathan Casada Custom Homes and Renovations can build or renovate your home to your design and material preferences. You will need to consider your budget and timeline when choosing your exterior material. Common Exterior Material Options include:

• Horizontal Lap Siding
• Board and Batten
• Wood Strip Siding
• Shingles
• Fiber Cement Panels
• Stucco
• Brick
• Stone
• Metal

Each of these materials has benefits and drawbacks you will need to consider when making your final choice. For example, stone is a beautiful, durable material that ages well but is also more expensive than many other options. Alternatively, exterior materials made of wood or metal may not be best suited for some climates. You will need to carefully research exterior material options and discuss your preferences with your builder well in advance of any material selection deadlines.

Jonathan Casada Custom Homes and Renovations can help you choose the best exterior building materials for your custom built home in Houston. Call us today at 281-808-7683 to speak with a builder, contact us via email here, or visit our website to learn more about Jonathan Casada Custom Homes and Renovations.